Monday, April 2, 2012

Fly Lady says...Shine Your Sink!

Have you heard of the FlyLady?  A friend of mine recommended this site to me a couple of years ago.  FlyLady is so encouraging and has really helpful tips. 

One of the tips that she shares is shining your sink before you go to bed.  Yes, I know this means no dishes in the sink... which means no procrastination...which means doing them even though you are tired.  But I will tell you from experience- it is so worth it to wake up in the morning and see this....

This is my sink this morning! I did dishes after work last night around 11:00pm. Did you see my before and after a couple of days ago?  If not, take a peek.

A shiny sink makes me so happy.  No matter how messy the rest is right now- at least I have this to motivate me! 

Okay- time to get off the computer and get back in the kitchen- that is if little man will let me. 

Happy cleaning and organizing...


A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Such a good idea! I can't cook dinner until the kitchen is cleaned up :)

Happy Girl said...

I want to let you know about our new Flying Facebook group:

It is a closed group so your activity within the group is not visible to your other friends.

Share what you're doing. This is a great place to post what you're accomplishing during the day. You may even find a bit of encouragement as you go along. It's like a to do list with a cheering section!

We also have another group called Chit Chat About This and That. You are all welcome to join there as well.

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