Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trouble Spots

Do you have hotspots that you need to attend to?  I found an awesome trouble spot printable at simplify 101 that will help us plan and to take action!

Isn't it amazing what a two year old can do to a room in just a couple of minutes?  Most of the mess is from little man, but I pointed out some other issues in the room as well. 

1.  Bad lighting- we often take the lamp shade off just to get lighting in the room- not very welcoming and appealing, huh?

2. Shoe area- continue to struggle with having a nice shoe space.  I've tried baskets, putting most of the shoes away, etc.  Somehow this area continues to be an issue. 

3.  Laundry- I've blogged about this issue!  Ugg.

I hope that this printable will be helpful for you as well!

Enjoy your day and happy de-cluttering!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Progress: Week of 4/16

Progress is a little slow this week... crazy week with girls' play- lots of car pooling, hair braiding, schooling at odd hours- just off of our regular schedule. Progress is better than 0 progress!

*4 loads of laundry- actually washed and put away (very big deal for me)
*2 small bags from purging- better than no small bags, right?
*Daughter brought in 3 hand-me down pairs of shoes, so now she has to find shoes to go out!  If something comes in, I'm teaching them that something must immediately go OUT! 

*Pretty good with maintaining kitchen- a bit cluttered but overall acceptable.

*Cleaned some more in girls' room- working on filling a large bag for charity. Daughter was looking for something- told her I gave it away- handled it well.  No fits- yeah! 

I'm planning a party for my almost 10 year old this week, so we'll see how progress goes.  Even if it's 5 minutes a day- I can do it!

And so can you- just a little cheer for you!!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Tips for Battling the Laundry Overload

I am in no way an expert on this topic.  It is actually my major weakness and I'd be quite embarrassed to show you a pic of my laundry room at the moment.  Or the baskets scattered throughout the house or the clean laundry that ends up on the floor that needs to be re-laundered and so on...

We need a system and we need it bad, so I searched the web for help and here are some of the tips that I think will be helpful.

Tip #1  Have a laundry system- Conquer Chaos in the Laundry 

Tip #2  Let each person in the house have their own hamper! You
             can even let your child decorate their own basket.
             Organizing Tips for Laundry Day

Tip #3  Have a  dirty clothes sorting station.  Labeled hampers for   
             towels, darks, lights, etc. 
             Read Fresh and Organized Laundry System for more ideas!

Tip #4  Schedule a Laundry Day or Two...
             Nony at A Slob Comes Clean dedicates a whole day just to

Tip #5  Hang up clothes right away!  I like for most of our clothes
             to be on hangers, except for everyday clothing such as
             sweatpants, etc.  A bar in the laundry room works for things
             that need to air dry- of course I don't have such a 
             bar yet. Lovin' the bars and shelves with baskets
             at Owlhaven.

Any other great laundry tips?  I'd love for you to share!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Party Time!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

The Messy Nest was feeling a little left out, so I decided to let this little space in the blogosphere join the party!!  Also, it's a new blog and there may be people out there who are struggling with similar issues- organization and clutter and would like to join my crusade for an ORGANIZED AND PEACEFUL HOME!!  So if that is you- Welcome!  If it isn't you- Welcome! and please give us advice and encouragement- because we need it!  Just don't judge- God gave us all different gifts.

Well, back to the party.  I'm Jen.  Just in case you haven't met me over at my other blog... Creative and Curious Kids!  I have three messy kiddos and one messy husband.  Add them to one somewhat scattered and disorganized wife/mom and you have one Messy Nest!  Here's what motivated me to start this blog...

A couple of interesting (messy) facts about our home...
*Our diningroom is a classroom,too.  We use it to cyberschool our children.  School papers, supplies, and more....lots to organize! (Take a peek at all of the supplies behind us in our family pic.)
*Laundry is a major weekness- I don't remember if I was ever caught up.  Working on purging the clothes and focusing on clothing necessities.  Oh yeah, and we have issues with socks- where on Earth do the mates go? 
*Our bedroom is supposed to be a place of serenity right, well ours is a disaster and looks like a storage room.  Cannot wait to bring peace and quiet the clutter in this space! 
* Children's books can be found in every room in the house.  Love books!!!  Need bookcases and to only keep our favorites.

Hope you'll come back to see Before and Afters, to find out what organizing tips work for me, my progress, and more!! 

Enjoy the party!

Progress: Week of 4/9

Positive gains and frustrations this week! 

At the beginning of the week, I had a goal to work in my girls' room for 20min.  20 minutes turned into 3 hours.  My husband was home and the kids were well behaved so I went for it.  Obsessed Momma!  Anyways- it felt good to throw away paper garbage, wrappers, etc. and to bag charity items- but beware- you can get burnt out this way. 
Day 1- 3 hrs
Day 2- 20 minutes
Day 3- 20 minutes and 1/2 hr in my bedroom

Results- 2 bags of paper garbage, etc. and 3 large garbage bags for Charity

Other frustrations- could not find a bodysuit needed for my older daughter for a musical- cost $25- needed for today.  I had to go out and buy another one.  Uggg!! The cost of clutter.  One good reason to get this Messy Nest in order!!

Overall good week, so let's focus on the  positive!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Before and After: Kitchen Cupboard

I pulled everything out!  Purged any items that I didn't feel I used or needed anymore. 
 I recycled plastic lids or bottoms that didn't have a match.

Not perfect, but so much better than having everything fall out at me. 
 Everything has a home and is labeled.
Love these labels.  I found free printable storage labels
at Better Home and Gardens.

Happy Organizing!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Fly Lady says...Shine Your Sink!

Have you heard of the FlyLady?  A friend of mine recommended this site to me a couple of years ago.  FlyLady is so encouraging and has really helpful tips. 

One of the tips that she shares is shining your sink before you go to bed.  Yes, I know this means no dishes in the sink... which means no procrastination...which means doing them even though you are tired.  But I will tell you from experience- it is so worth it to wake up in the morning and see this....

This is my sink this morning! I did dishes after work last night around 11:00pm. Did you see my before and after a couple of days ago?  If not, take a peek.

A shiny sink makes me so happy.  No matter how messy the rest is right now- at least I have this to motivate me! 

Okay- time to get off the computer and get back in the kitchen- that is if little man will let me. 

Happy cleaning and organizing...