Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm on a Roll....

My focus area today was the kitchen.  Is it finished?  No.  Did I accomplish a heck of a lot? Yes!!  I even took a couple of before and after pics.  

Yikes!  Just look really fast and then look at my after shot!!

I scrubbed and organized my heart out today and boy does it feel good!! 

Today's Big Accomplishments
Scrubbed the sink and counter tops
Scrubbed the top of the stove
Organized under the sink (purged)
Organized all of our plates, bowls, and spoons
- one children's area and one adult area

The kids had an pretty independent day so I had more time to clean.  I also kept little man busy in the kitchen while I cleaned.  He likes being close to his Momma! See below....

Other areas...
Cleaned sink/toilet in bathroom and straightened
Toy pick up in living room and vacuum
Cleaned tables in living room
Threw out paper clutter in living room and dining room
Vacuum dining room

-Hubby continued working in Garage to purge/clean
-Kids helped/played with Little Man while I cleaned

Whew!  I should sleep good tonight!

Happy Cleaning!


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