Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Dangers of De-cluttering!

Hello.  I'm still here.. in my messy nest! 
Except on bed rest!  :(

After being really focused last week, de-cluttering away, I pulled my back out.  Ugg! 

So, my public service announcement is to..

1.  Continue to de-clutter and clear out your stuff: It feels amazing!

2.  Be very careful how you turn, lift, and sort!  You never know when the little things will screw you up for days!  Boy was I in for a shock as I was limping into the ER in extreme pain. 

Really, all I did was fill up some boxes for charity and now I can't walk?? 

Don't worry , though. I'm not giving up! I was so happy to get those boxes out of this house. I will be sure to be OH SO CAREFUL next time I decide to go on a decluttering and organizing mission. There is so much work still to be done on this messy nest to make it a happy home! 

Luckily, I have an awesome family who have been trying to keep up with some daily tasks to help this house not fall apart while Mom is away.  My mother has been cleaning up after the kids and caring for them and hubby has worked to keep the sink shining, well as good as  hubby can. (sorry hubby)  I appreciate any help I can get!

Hope you are doing well.  I will try to come on more often.. still struggling with organization, but not giving up!  I'll leave you with a little humor...

Image Source: Baloo's Cartoon Blog

Have a wonderful day!