Thursday, May 10, 2012

Progress: Week of 5/7

Ugg!  Progress is slow this week.  I've been so busy with very important kid stuff!  Watching my girls perform in musicals, helping with school work this week, and I also attended a baby shower.  The house is a mess, but I still managed to help with yard work.  So the outside is starting to look better than the inside.  :)

Oh well, I'll get it together.  Some weeks are just like that. 

On a positive note...
I gave 2 small bags of clothing away
My girls cleaned out their school desks
I re-organized my coupon binder- watch out- crazy couponer on the loose!
I cleaned out the diaper bag and my purse.
And today- I scrubbed the nasty sink in the basement and wiped off the top of the washer. (not sure the last time that was done.)

I hope your house is looking better than mine.  If not, count the positives and try again tomorrow!


Keeper of The Messy Nest


Joyness Sparkles said...

W00t! Congrats on your progress! I can hardly wait to be in our new place and start getting organized. I feel the ITCH!

Patricia Purcell said...

Some weeks are like that, at least you made some progress. We're doing well around here this week, because we just got everything perfect for a party last weekend, and I've been after the kids not to clutter things up again!

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

But don't it feel good to know that you at least accomplished something?

pembrokeshire lass said...

My morning has been just like that . It's nearly 11am and I haven't showered (I've been up since 7am!!) Hubby has wanted me to email someone for him, phone calls,finding things for him/me etc...etc.
I'm returning your visit as you visited me yesterday and as I want to see how you get on with your messy nest I think I'll join!! Joan

Debbie said...

the nest is always messy when you have kids. mine are grown and gone and the nest stays sparkly clean, but it's quiet and i miss them. you will miss yours when they are gone!!

Nancy said...

I still have empty boxes in the middle of my living room floor waiting to be filled with clutter. But lots to do outside as well -- I guess it will all get done.

Thanks for the visit and thoughtful comment on my blog, Jen. :)

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