Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Great Laundry Challenge

Yes, Peanut is proud!  She is this week's winner of our family competition.  With a little creativity, I came up with this idea to motivate family to fold and put away their laundry...introducing The Great Laundry Challenge.  A fun, family competition... Who can put away or give away the most clothing in a week?  Guess what- the kids kicked our butts!!  My husband's score was 11 pieces of clothing, I had 36 (this doesn't include all of the other laundry that I put away- towels and little man's clothing), Sunshine Girl had 59 and the winner had a whopping 62!!  Way to go Peanut!!  She'll be wearing the Queen of Laundry T-shirt award this week. 

To record our totals, I created the sheet below and laminated it. 

I also created T-shirt awards- just for fun! These were cut out, laminated, and made into a necklace.  One side says Queen of Laundry and the other says King of Laundry. (just in case Dad wins- he better get moving though!)

Sunshine girl is ready for some competition, so I think a lot of laundry will be flying around this week!  She wants to steal or I should say earn that T-shirt necklace from her little sis!!

Hope you are doing well! Thanks for reading!



Patricia Purcell said...

What a fun way to recruit helpers!

Joyness Sparkles said...

LOL! I love the smile on her face, you can see she was very proud of her victory! You are very smart to have thought of that awesome challenge!

P.S. I awarded your blog the "Lovely Blog Award." :)

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

I love it when there are fun ways to get the kids involved! I am sharing this on the Making a House a Home page on fb :)

Lissa said...

what a DARLING site! found you via joyness sparkles and i love the idea of a great laundry challenge! ha

Jen said...

Thanks, Lissa! Glad to have you here at The Messy Nest.

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