Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trouble Spots

Do you have hotspots that you need to attend to?  I found an awesome trouble spot printable at simplify 101 that will help us plan and to take action!

Isn't it amazing what a two year old can do to a room in just a couple of minutes?  Most of the mess is from little man, but I pointed out some other issues in the room as well. 

1.  Bad lighting- we often take the lamp shade off just to get lighting in the room- not very welcoming and appealing, huh?

2. Shoe area- continue to struggle with having a nice shoe space.  I've tried baskets, putting most of the shoes away, etc.  Somehow this area continues to be an issue. 

3.  Laundry- I've blogged about this issue!  Ugg.

I hope that this printable will be helpful for you as well!

Enjoy your day and happy de-cluttering!


A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Amazing what a 2yr old can do to a room!

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