Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Tips for Battling the Laundry Overload

I am in no way an expert on this topic.  It is actually my major weakness and I'd be quite embarrassed to show you a pic of my laundry room at the moment.  Or the baskets scattered throughout the house or the clean laundry that ends up on the floor that needs to be re-laundered and so on...

We need a system and we need it bad, so I searched the web for help and here are some of the tips that I think will be helpful.

Tip #1  Have a laundry system- Conquer Chaos in the Laundry 

Tip #2  Let each person in the house have their own hamper! You
             can even let your child decorate their own basket.
             Organizing Tips for Laundry Day

Tip #3  Have a  dirty clothes sorting station.  Labeled hampers for   
             towels, darks, lights, etc. 
             Read Fresh and Organized Laundry System for more ideas!

Tip #4  Schedule a Laundry Day or Two...
             Nony at A Slob Comes Clean dedicates a whole day just to

Tip #5  Hang up clothes right away!  I like for most of our clothes
             to be on hangers, except for everyday clothing such as
             sweatpants, etc.  A bar in the laundry room works for things
             that need to air dry- of course I don't have such a 
             bar yet. Lovin' the bars and shelves with baskets
             at Owlhaven.

Any other great laundry tips?  I'd love for you to share!



Patricia Purcell said...

Oh laundry! I literally have loads to do every single day. If I don't it quickly becomes overwhelming. Folding is the stage where I tend to get backed up. Every so often I tell my kids that they've been invited to a laundry folding party. Somehow they're often less than thrilled about the invite!

Joyness Sparkles said...

I have my children on detail with me now. I taught them to sort, load the washing machine and dryer and then I fold and put into piles. We did four loads today.

Let me just say that they are pre-teens now and it was not always this exciting to do laundry and up until a couple years ago I just had a laundry "day." :)

I wish I had a system in place when they were would have been much simpler.

JKStamy08 said...

Growing up, mondays were just laundry days. Since there were 6 of us kids and we lived on a farm it pretty much took all day. But ahving a set laundry day is the best idea I know of.
By the way there is a fb group called "Making a house a home" and we get on there and set goals, keep each other accountable, and encourage each other. That often motivates me a lot. I think you just have to request to be added.

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